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Climate Change: Stories for Social Justice

april 2013 | installation | project manager | [link]

The Climate Change: Stories for Social Justice exhibition aims to speak to how human rights are at odds with fossil fuel extraction and consumption. The exhibit illustratates twelve stories of communities standing up across the planet to fight for the security of their homes and families in the face of environmental justice violations. With the hope that the installation would encourage viewers to take action in support of local environmeal justice initiatives, it was displayed twice on Washington University’s campus.

To make the exhibit, groups of Washington University in St. Louis environmentalists and artists researched and illustrated twelve case studies for environmental justice worldwide, while a team of architecture students designed the exhibition. Weekly meetings throughout the semester facilitated design review, discussions about depicting distant communities in art, and textual and artistic critique, and budget revisions. 

partners: Green Action, Material Monster, Refab, Sophi Veltrop, Jamie Niekamp, Kelsey Brod, Matt Callahan, Esther Hamburger, Andrew Kay, Anya Liao, Georgia McCandlish, Michelle Nahmad, Katie Olson, Andrew Pandji, Carmi Salzberg, Maddie Wells, Nancy Yang, Nicole Yen, Dan Cohn, Harris Engelmann, Steve Fuller, Rachel Goldstein, Trevor Leuzinger, Mara Nelson, Bree Swenson, Jacob Beebe, Rahee Nerurkar
honors: Outstanding New Student Group, Excellence in Leadership Awards, Washington University in St. Louis